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Thank you for your interest in submitting to the OUHS Journal!

We accept submissions on all historical periods and topics. Submissions from other academic fields (classics, art history, area studies, etc.) are also welcome, but the topic must be primarily historical in nature. Book/film/podcast reviews, interviews of historians, and other relevant non-academic article pieces are also welcome. We accept both undergraduate and postgraduate papers.

Please note: we will no longer be publishing issues for each academic term. Instead, we will be publishing biannually from MT23.

Our Journal Team at present is comprised of the President, the Vice-President, and the Deputy Editor. Your primary point of contact will be the Deputy Editor. Please refer to our committee page for the current incumbent.

We are now accepting submissions for our first 2023/2024 issue! 


To submit, please email with your paper attached as a Microsoft Word file. The title should read ' OUHS Journal Submission - [your name]. The body should include the title of your submission and the word count. All accepted papers will be part of our two-stage editorial process, designed to make your paper the best it can be.


Author's Guidelines:


  • There is no lower end to the word count, but we do not accept submissions over 20,000 words (including footnotes).

  • Please include your name, article title, and word count. An abstract and keywords are not necessary. 

  • References should be in University of Oxford, History Faculty style. 

  • Please format your paper the following way: 12 point Times New Roman, with 1 inch margins.

  • We request that all papers use footnotes, not endnotes. A bibliography is not necessary.

  • All quotations in foreign languages must have an English translation.

  • American English is acceptable. 

  • Please submit only one paper per issue. 

  • We do not publish fiction, drama, or poetry.

  • We will look at papers that are being considered for other journals, but please tell us in your email if it is being submitted elsewhere.

  • Please ensure that you have permission to use any images in your paper.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email us. 

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