Jagyoseni Mandal
Christ Church

Jagyoseni is a Doctoral student in History of Science and Medicine at Christ Church College. She is particularly interested in studying the Globalisation of Indigenous medicine and the history of (infectious) disease. She also loves studying intellectual, political and socio-economic history. She believes history is a fascinating door to the present. As Secretary, she has a lot of exciting new ideas for the society .

Ciara is a second year Historian at Hertford from Manchester. This is her fourth term on Committee and she is excited to help lead the Society. Her interests include colonial history, race and gender histories and the long story of immigration. Outside of OUHS, Ciara is interested in cultural heritage and Human Rights, serving on the Amnesty International UK Board.

Ciara Garcha (she/her)


James Farrow

James is a second-year History and French student at Hertford College. He is mainly interested in the cultural economy of the late medieval west, particularly in relation to its literature, art, and architecture. He is also active in the political sphere and often does work on American, French, and Canadian politics. His other interests include Regency-era literature, spreadsheets, black coffee, and decent gin and tonics.

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Jacob Grech

Jacob is a second year History and Politics student at Hertford College. He's from Malta, and his main interests are in political theory and the cultural history of 19th/20th century Europe and the Mediterranean. Beyond these, he keeps returning to fiction from the interwar years and the Latin American Boom, and enjoys exploring the links between politics, architecture, and music. With OUHS, he looks forward to exploring history in an interdisciplinary tradition and engaging with people from across the student community. 

Social Secretary
Hope Philpott 

Hope is a second year History student at Pembroke. She loves early modern and modern history, particularly in relation to gender, colonial experiences and social history. When not doing her degree, Hope can be found getting frustrated about politics, listening to podcasts and sampling Oxford’s cafes and pubs.

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Sponsorship Director
Daniel Harrison (he/him)

Daniel Harrison is a second-year History and Politics student at Worcester College. He serves the society as sponsorship director and it is his responsibility to liaise with OUHS's sponsors and to encourage new sponsors to partner with the society. Daniel specialises in political and economic history, especially twentieth-century British political and economic history. Outside of his academic interests, Daniel loves football, tennis, learning German and Liverpool FC. 

Emily Rosindell is a second-year history undergraduate at Exeter College. She is interested in economic history and history of the Near East. In addition to history, she enjoys rowing and learning new languages. 

Graduate Officer
Nicola Carotenuto (he/him)
St. Hughs

Nicola Carotenuto is a second-year DPhil student specialising in medieval history. His main interests are the trade networks of Mediterranean merchants and the interconnections across the late-medieval Mediterranean.

Events Director
Emily Rosindell


Social Media Director
Leah Stein


Leah is a second year Archaeology and Anthropology student at Hertford. She is particularly interested in Indigenous Archaeology, 18th century Egypt, and European fashion history, particularly the history of stays and corsets from the 18th to 19th centuries. When not studying, she enjoys historical costuming and writing poetry.

Marketing Director

Jake Milikan

St. Annes

 Jake is a 2nd year history student at St Anne’s. He has loved history ever since his dad took him to a museum as a child and bought him his first history book. Jake is drawn to the history of international relations, great power politics and how states rise and fall. He thinks history is one of the most beautiful stories in existence, encapsulating humanity in all its wisdom and folly, kindness and cruelty, hope and despair. Jake believes it is a story we all get to contribute to and one that helps define us and our identity.

OUHS Journal Editor-in-Chief
Jessica Lynn Leeper


Jessica is so excited to be the new Editor-in-Chief of the OUHS Journal! She is a 2nd year DPhil Candidate in History at Exeter College, focusing on the U.S. Presidential Adams women and their experiences in European diplomatic courts, c. 1780-1820. She holds an undergraduate MA in History from the University of Edinburgh, and an MA in Eighteenth-Century Studies from the University of York. In her spare time she is writing a novel set in 1740s France, and she collects antiquarian books. 


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