Bethan is a masters student reading Modern British History at Exeter College. Her main areas of historical interests include gender history, Victorians & the British Empire, and the history of the supernatural. She joined the committee in Michaelmas 2020, as Social Media Director, and is so excited to be President this Trinity term! When not running the Facebook page, you can find her writing and editing for student newspapers or strolling along the Oxford canal paths.


Rachel Kellagher

Balliol College


Graduate Officer

Eamonn O'Keeffe

Merton College

Past Presidents 

Trinity 2019 - Maya Nerissa Thomas, Oriel College


Hilary 2019 - Jinni Du, Lincoln College, and Matthew D'Aloisio-Montilla, St Hugh's College

Michaelmas 2018 - Piers Armitage, University College

COMMITTEE - Trinity 2021

Rachel is a second-year History student at Balliol College. Her standard line is that it is thinking with an historical mindset as opposed to about any specific period that interests her, but somehow she keeps coming back to seventeenth century Europe! Alongside OUHS, she enjoys playing hockey and tennis, getting involved in college am-dram, and playing piano.


Jagyoseni is a Doctoral student in History of Science and Medicine at Christ Church College. She is particularly interested in studying the Globalisation of Indigenous medicine and the history of (infectious) disease. She also loves studying intellectual, political and socio-economic history. She believes history is a fascinating door to the present. As Secretary, she has a lot of exciting new ideas for the society  When she is not working on her thesis sitting in her favourite corner in the Radcliffe Camera, she enjoys working on her YouTube Channel. She is also a trained Bharatnatyam dancer who loves reading poetry and watching historical documentaries to unwind. 

Ciara is a first year History student at Hertford. She serves on the History Faculty's Race Equality Action Group student steering committee and is passionate about making history more representative and inclusive of all stories and narratives. Her interests include the colonial experiences of India and Ireland, US political history, gender history and the long history of immigration.


Nicole is a second-year historian at Teddy Hall. She is interested in the late Medieval period, specifically the ways in which new, global approaches inform our understanding of processes and networks within both written and material culture. As sponsorship director, she looks forward to working collaboratively with the rest of the team. Outside of OUHS, she is Project Officer for the Oxford Development Consultancy and is busy producing a podcast for the Oxford Philippines Society. When not studying, she enjoys reading (and criticising) anything by Murakami.


Tania Ahmed


Tania is a second year Ancient and Modern historian at Magdalen. Her main areas of interest include the fall of the Roman Republic, analysing the Greco-Roman world through the architecture, rhetoric and political philosophies, 19th Century Europe and the intersection between anthropological and historical studies of nationalism. She currently writes for an history journal and her current topic is titled “The fall of the Achaemenid Dynasty and why Alexander was not that Great.” 

Events Director

Charlotte Kutz

St. Hilda's

Charlotte is a first-year historian at St Hilda’s. She is guilty of the academic faux pas of not having a historical specialisation, rather preferring to research whatever takes her fancy in a given moment; she leans a lot towards social history, anthropology and folklore, though, probably as a result of having read far too much mythology as a child. During the many study breaks that she rewards herself with, you’ll find her attempting to bake, always rereading the same books for the sake of nostalgia or losing track of time in a museum.

OUHS Journal- Editor-in-Chief

Zachary Handler


Zachary Handler is an MSt Early Modern History student at Kellogg College. His focuses are on Poland-Lithuania and the history of war. He is delighted to be steering the OUHS journal, after serving as an editor at UC Berkeley’s classics and history journals, including a stint as managing editor of the latter.

OUHS Journal- Managing Editor

Aoife Miralles

Christ Church

Aoife is a Master’s student reading British and European History, 1700-1850 at Christ Church, where she graduated with a BA (Hons) degree in History, following study at the Royal Academy of Music. She is particularly interested in exploring early modern history from social and cultural perspectives. As both a musician and a historian, Aoife is passionate about investigating and promoting interdisciplinary approaches. She is excited to be getting involved with OUHS as part of the journal editorship team for Trinity Term.

OUHS Journal- Managing Editor

Shaina Sangha

St. John's

Shaina is a second-year undergraduate at St. John’s. This is her second term working with the OUHS as managing editor of its termly journal. Shaina is excited to (constructively) critique the syntax of historians of a far higher calibre than herself.

Past Presidents 

Hilary 2021- Milo Mallaby, St. John's


Michaelmas 2020- Nailah Ranjan, St Edmund's Hall


Trinity 2020- Maggie Wang, Pembroke


Hilary 2020- Patrick Hayes, Lincoln

Michaelmas 2019 - Cherie Lok, Corpus Christi College, and Katherine Cook, Corpus Christi College


Trinity 2019 - Maya Nerissa Thomas, Oriel College


Hilary 2019 - Jinni Du, Lincoln College, and Matthew D'Aloisio-Montilla, St Hugh's College



Bethan Roberts


Sponsorship Director

Nicole De La Cruz

St Edmund's Hall

Graduate Students Representative

Ffion Price

University College

Ffion is a masters student reading Modern British History at University College. Her historical interests include childhood, youth culture, strike action, and queer history in the twentieth century. Her masters thesis focuses on exploring childhood experience of the 1926 General Strike and Lockout in South Wales.  In her spare time, Ffion can be found in Christ Church Meadow or the Botanic Garden drinking coffee and enjoying nature, or playing rugby.

Social Secretary

Elizabeth Down


Elizabeth is a second-year undergraduate reading History at Merton. This is her first term on the committee, and she’s very excited to get started and meet more historians around Oxford. Her interests include socialist history, women’s history, and looking at pretty historical clothing. When not doing OUHS things, she likes to worry about whether her plants are dying, and start new craft hobbies before abandoning them in a week.



Jagyoseni Mandal

Christ Church

Marketing Director

Ciara Garcha