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Jagyoseni Mandal
Christ Church

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Jacob Grech

Jagyoseni is a Doctoral student in History of Science and Medicine at Christ Church College. She is particularly interested in studying the Globalisation of Indigenous medicine and the history of (infectious) disease. She also loves studying intellectual, political and socio-economic history. She believes history is a fascinating door to the present. As Secretary, she has a lot of exciting new ideas for the society .

Jacob is a final-year History and Politics student at Hertford College. He's from Malta, and his main interests are in the intellectual and political history of modern Europe and the Mediterranean. He enjoys Italian fiction and following Latin American politics. Beyond OUHS, he's involved in student consulting and Malta-based NGOs. 

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Social Media Director
Enzo Cunanan

Enzo is a second-year History student from University College. As Social Media Director, he is in charge of managing the Society's social media accounts and promoting events. From Florida, his main interests are in early modern history, particularly the Tudors and early modern European interactions with African and Asian peoples. He also enjoys Shakespeare, ancient history, and classical literature. In his free time, Enzo likes listening to podcasts, jamming to Taylor Swift, and keeping up to date with celebrity gossip.

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Kiran is a second-year history student at Mansfield College. His main interests include the history of urban spaces and modern political history, particularly the history of the Labour Party and socialist movements in Britain.


Kiran Peers

Jessica is so excited to be the new Editor-in-Chief of the OUHS Journal! She is a 2nd year DPhil Candidate in History at Exeter College, focusing on the U.S. Presidential Adams women and their experiences in European diplomatic courts, c. 1780-1820. She holds an undergraduate MA in History from the University of Edinburgh, and an MA in Eighteenth-Century Studies from the University of York. In her spare time she is writing a novel set in 1740s France, and she collects antiquarian books. 

OUHS Journal Editor-in-Chief
Jessica Lynn Leeper



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