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Editorial (full text)

List of Contributors (full text)


Decolonizing State Capture in South Africa

Calvin Jordan (Rhodes University, South Africa) (full text)

Transformative Features of the Wartime Period: The Impact of the Second World War on the Soviet Union's Political and Economic System

Barbara Roggeveen (The Oxford School for Global and Area Studies, Oxford) (full text)

How far are the Discourses an exercise in historical nostalgia?

Ying Ying Teo (Queen's College, Oxford) (full text)

'‘What helps…this everlasting love?’: an examination of womanly and queenly virtue through depictions of classical women in late Elizabethan Theatre'

Ross Moncrieff (Christ's College, Cambridge) (full text)

(Un-)Desirable Bodies: The Representation of the Gypsy Girl in Fine Art of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, 1867-1918

Ceri Beasant (St Peter's College, Oxford) (full text)

The Origins of the English Civil War (1624-1642)

Maya Frampton (Regent's Park College, Oxford) (full text)

All Strangers Together: British and French Soldiering in the Baltic During Russia's Time of Troubles, 1600-1618.

Zachary Handler (UC Berkeley, California) (full text)

Why did resistance against the United States' involvement in the Vietnam War take so long to succeed?

Siam Rahman (Trinity College, Oxford) (full text)

The Language of Inga Stone – A New Theory About the Origen of Phoenician Alphabet–Itacotiara/Brazil

Telma Costa (Brazil) (full text)

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