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Autumn Road




Editorial (full text)

List of Contributors (full text)

Essays and Book Reviews

Global History In An Era of Populist Nationalism
Monique Currie (University of Queensland, Australia) 
(full text)

Une Révolution Britannique? Covid-19 and the impetus for change
Daniel Gareth Duffy
(Hertford College, Oxford) (full text)

The Role of Religion in William III’s Propaganda during the Glorious Revolution
Huaien Fang (St Anthony's College, Oxford) 
(full text)

CAMELOT: Was JFK the USA’s King Arthur?
Ciara Garcha (Hertford College, Oxford) 
(full text)

Book Review: "Learning to Fight: Military Innovation and Change in the British Army, 1914-1918. By Aimée Fox. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2018; pp. 290. £32.99)
Jake Gasson (Pembroke College, Oxford) 
(full text)

Roman sanitary engineering and its contribution to public health1
Aivin Gast (Somerville College, Oxford) 
(full text)

Safavid and Mughal diplomacy through the ‘Akbar Receives the Iranian Ambassador Sayyid Beg in 1562 paintings
Ananya Sharma (St Catherine’s College, Oxford) 
(full text)

Dissertations and Theses

The English East India Company and the British Crown: c.1795-1803, the first occupation at the Cape of Good Hope
Calvin Jordan (Rhodes University, South Africa) 
(full text)


Helen Rappaport is a historian and writer specialising in the Victorian era and revolutionary Russia. She studied Russian at Leeds University and worked as an actor, translator, and academic editor before turning to historical writing. In this interview, she discusses her two current projects, the first focusing on Russian emigrants in Paris in the early twentieth century and the second exploring the life of Juliane of Saxe-Coburg, later Grand Duchess Anna Feodorovna of Russia. She also comments on her love for unusual historical narratives and her diverse influences as a historian.

Interviewer: Maggie Wang (Pembroke College, Oxford) (full audio)

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